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First Aid, The Essentials

This simple technique could save a life First Aid is one of the few things that people go to the trouble of learning expecting and hoping NOT to use it. If a casualty is not breathing and showing no signs of life it is vital to at least push on the chest to 1/3 of depth while waiting for the ambulance. D R S A B C D Danger, Response Send for Help if Needed Airway, Breathing, Compressions, Defibrillation First Aid. Read More ...

2 Minute First Aid Course

FIRST AID.                                          The 2 minute first aid course. Malcolm Whitfield.                      I teach first aid courses. Imagine teaching a set of skills that you know almost nobody in the class will get to use, and if they do it will be in a highly stressful and probably quite cha Read More ...


Newest guidelines for CPR have been simplified so that anyone can at least make an effort. See Resuscitation Council for in depth info. Fact is, if a person is showing no signs of life, (not breathing, not moving, not responding) then clearly, an ambulance is needed.However, if no-one attempts any CPR while waiting, an ambulance isn’t likely to do much good. A few minutes with no pulse and the casualty’ Read More ...

Choking – What to do

If a person is coughing they are breathing. –Back blows are for when they are NOT able to cough or breathe. The casualty should be positioned leaning well forward with their head down usually sitting and given up to 5 back blows between the shoulder blades with your hand. Check to see if the obstruction has come loose after each blow. If this fails, chest thrusts in the centre of the chest similar to CPR but shar Read More ...

Blood and Circulation

The essence of first aid is the blood / circulation. Its kinda like plumbing Where do you want it to go? Where do want to keep it away from? (Swelling, cuts).Consider Ice, Firm Bandages, Elevation? Can you make sure it has oxygen in it? (breathing).Consider Rescue Breaths, CPR? Is the pump (heart) going too fast?  Consider Calm, Reassurance, Raise legs? Does it have sugar? (diabetes, hypothermia) Consider Sweet Read More ...

First Aid Face Shields

WALK don’t run. Stop and look closely. Severe bleeding, not breathing, are two situations that require immediate action, (but you knew that anyway). Most situations you have time to plan. Stay calm, or at least do a good impression of it. It’s amazing how often you manage to convince yourself. Your main job is to get help, and to keep the situation from getting worse while you are waiting. The less you Read More ...

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