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2 Minute First Aid Course

FIRST AID.                                          The 2 minute first aid course.

Malcolm Whitfield.                   


I teach first aid courses.

Imagine teaching a set of skills that you know almost nobody in the class will get to use, and if they do it will be in a highly stressful and probably quite chaotic situation, perhaps years after the training.

I teach these skills and knowledge to people who may not have sat in a classroom for 30 or 40 years, or who may not be able to read the manual they are issued with.

As a result I constantly tried to get things down to the least and the simplest. It’s what you do, not what you know that is the important thing. If knowing something doesn’t make any difference to what you do, then it’s not strictly necessary for the first aid.

For example, some people know that sudden one sided paralysis may indicate a stroke, and they will call 000, reassure, make comfortable and monitor the airway.

Some people remember that a stroke can be recognized by the FAST(Face, Arm, Speech Test), and they will call 000, reassure, make comfortable, and monitor the airway.

Some people don’t know what has happened but granny is on the floor, can’t talk, can’t move one arm, and is drooling out of one side of her mouth. They will probably call 000, reassure, make comfortable and monitor the airway.

But 000 will tell them all that anyway, because that is what they do, as well as notifying the ambulance.

People familiar with mind maps, key words, and other study techniques (which would include anyone who has done speed reading or accelerated learning courses), (This guy can do that for you) would know how powerful these techniques can be. So playing around with these things I came up with the “All you Need to Know” 2 minute First Aid course.

CPR –                    Not Breathing? – 2 steps.      1) Push on the chest ‘til ambulance arrives.

2) Don’t forget to call ambulance.


First Aid  

*            Keep everyone calm

*            If  it bleeds, bandage it

*            If it stings or swells, Ice it.

*            Have they got enough water aboard?

*            Can you make them more comfortable?

*            If they are unconscious, put them on their side.

*            If their pulse feels too fast, get them laying down, knees raised.

*            Bad allergy / Asthma?  Help with Epipen / Puffer


If you can’t remember any of that, the good people at 000 will instruct you.

Now all we have to do is get a little practice on the bandage, the chest compressions, taking a pulse, and the positioning.


There you have it. The 2 minute First Aid Course.




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