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First Aid Face Shields

WALK don’t run. Stop and look closely. Severe bleeding, not breathing, are two situations that require immediate action, (but you knew that anyway). Most situations you have time to plan. Stay calm, or at least do a good impression of it. It’s amazing how often you manage to convince yourself. Your main job is to get help, and to keep the situation from getting worse while you are waiting.

The less you have to remember the more chance you have of remembering it. :-

DRSABCD, OOO, Reassurance, Bandage or not?, Ice or Water help?, What position would be best?

Keep your CPR face shield handy in your wallet or on your keyring. You might not ever need it but if you do it is really nice to have it.

Remember, you can do Compression Only CPR if you don’t want to, or can’t, do the mouth to mouth part.   Just push on the chest (1/3 of chest depth) until the ambulance arrives


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